mi lifestyle marketing business plan 2022

mi lifestyle marketing business plan 2022

mi lifestyle marketing business plan 2022

Hello everyone, welcome to this article, you have information about the rapidly growing industry network marketing! In this article, we are going to see the information about the mi lifestyle marketing business plan 2021, what is the business plan of the company, how it works! And all the information related to it is also going to be seen! That is why this article is very important for you because all this information will benefit you a lot and it will be easy for you to understand Mi Lifestyle Business Plan, so let’s start the article!

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Business Plan

Friends, in any network marketing, direct selling company, the business plan of that company is very important! Because the more simple and clear the business plan, then it will be easier to do business with that company, so right now we are going to know the business plan of Mi Lifestyle Marketing – Mi Lifestyle Marketing Company from the beginning!

Enter a world of limitless possibilities as you as a distributor at Mi Lifestyle Company! Then you are part of the exclusive network of a successful entrepreneur! The Mi Lifestyle Marketing Company business plan is such, in which the company provides ten different types of income opportunities to all the distributors, so we know about all those ten incomes in detail!

1) Retail Profit – Retail Profit

2) Sales Turnover Bonus – Sales Turnover Bonus

3) Rank Income – Rank Income

4) Overriding Bonus

5) Performance Bonus – Performance Bonus

6) Star Performance Bonus – Star Performance Bonus

7) Loyalty Bonus – Loyalty Bonus

8) Royalty Income – Royalty Income

9) NTC Bonus – NTC Bonus

10) Awards & Rewards – Awards & Rewards

Retail Profit

From Mi Lifestyle Company you get products at 10% to 40% discount,

which you can earn retail profit by selling that product to your friends, relatives, or any person you know

For example, the company has a product which costs Rs 235/-! But if you are a distributor of the company, then you will get that product discount price of Rs.150/- that means when you sell this product to someone, you will get a retail profit of Rs.85/-! In this way, you can earn as much retail profit every month as you want!

Sales Turnover Bonus

We get the benefit of a Sales Turnover Bonus every week! Which we get 12% of the total business volume of our Team A and Team B! Let us understand this by example, suppose that in the first week, you have included your business in team A by providing products worth Rs 10,000/- to Ram and in the evening you have joined the business in team B by providing products worth Rs 10,000/- in the first week.

If 10000 business volume is matched then he got a sales turnover bonus of Rs 1200 at the rate of 12%! Next week you and your team A together did 15000 / – business and your team A together did 20000 / – business here is your 15000 business volume match, then you will get a sales turnover bonus of Rs 1800 at the rate of 12%.

And the remaining 5000 business volumes will be carried forward for the third week! In this way, you or your team will continue to do this process, every single week you will get 12% Sales Turnover Bonus! Which would have been a maximum of Rs 2,10,000!

Rank Income

Rank Income This income star starts at Silver Rank, and goes up to the Crown Ambassador! Rankincome is given every month from 2% to 7%! Star Silver and Star Pearl rank holders have to own 10% of their global turnover in order to earn rank income

Which was business from the second big leg! Then the second leg’s GBV should be at least 5000 or more GBV to get the rank income next month! New bet For Emerald and above leaders to receive the rank income they need to generate the GBV mentioned below from each leg

Ranks/Branch 3 GBV /Branch 4GBV

EMERALD / 75000 / 25000 GOLD / 150000 / 50000
PLATINUM / 200000 / 100000
DIAMOND / 500000 / 300000

If a distributor has achieved this rank, then that distributor will get the rank income without any condition as you have been told above! Suppose Distributor A achieved Star Silver this rank during the 13th month!

So the rank income will start from the 14th month! He will be given rank income for the months 14th, 15th, and 16th month without any condition which is mentioned above! And in the 18th month, for that distributor to get the rank income, that distributor has to do 10% more global business volume business than his third and fourth leg in the 17th month than in the second leg!

Overriding Bonus

Overriding Bonus This income is given up to two steps if you are the winner on the same rank in the team! Which is 10% of their rank income
Performance Bonus – Performance Bonus

The company gives you a different income every month from your business, which is called Performance Bonus! To get this income, you have to match only 1 lakh business volume from team A and team B in 1 month! The company then distributes 1.5% of its overall Global Turnover to all Performance Bonus winners in equal parts according to the Global Amount Rank Criteria!

Star Performance Bonus

0.5% of the company’s Global Business Turnover will be shared for Star Performance Bonus and we create a pool for individual Rank Emerald with 40% of the global amount and Gold with 30% of the global amount and Platinum with 30% it happens. 0.5% of the global amount and then the amount will be distributed equally among all eligible recipients as per rank wise pull.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty Bonus This income depends on the research done by our team! Which ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 20,000! Your rank is given from the company’s DTC rank to the GOLD rank according to the criteria!

Royalty Income

Royalty Income This income starts from Diamond Rank! And this is a very respectable income! The company pays Diamond Rank an income of 0.40% of the company’s global turnover, pays 0.20% of the company’s global turnover to Royal Diamond Rank, 0.20% of the company’s global turnover to Crown Diamond Rank, and provides 0.20% of the company’s global turnover to Crown Ambassador Rank. Gives an income of 0.20% of the global turnover of!

Eligibility Conditions

Performance Bonus will be paid on Global Turnover after eligibility Once eligible, Royalty will be paid for 12 months, to continue receiving royalty subject to active clause, eligibility criteria must be achieved once again!

over the past 12 months

After achieving Diamond Rank, will get Diamond Royalty for 12 MI Months and to get Diamond Royalty from 13 Months, said Leader must maintain 75 Lakh GBV from Branch 3 and 50 Lakh GBV from Branch 4 in his last 12 Months And the same month is effective from 63 Months!

Loyalty Bonus

If a Distributor is going to receive the above bonus for 6 consecutive months, he/she will be paid a one-time 25% of the Retail Leadership Bonus earned in the last 6 months! Ranks will be counted for 6 consecutive months of achievement abroad (NTC/Gold and RTC/Emerald) as per the starting month of the first loyalty bonus!

If a lower rank meets the GBV repurchase condition and repurchases GBV from the 3rd/4th tier of a higher rank, he or she will receive a rank reward according to the higher volume! Higher Ranks Can’t Participate to Lower Ranks WHOLOOM! GBV must be generated through team repurchases, and the PBV itself will not count for qualification!

Repurchase A purchase of Rs 5000 will be treated as the first purchase in a single invoice, whereas in multiple invoices it will be counted after the first sale! The next order after the first invoice will be counted under repurchase, the loyalty bonus is valid for 18 months and will be reviewed by the management after 18 months!

NTC Bonus

Eligibility Conditions

Applicable for leaders of NTC and above! To get the NTC Bonus in the current month, he/she must generate a minimum of 1 Lakh Matches Global Turnover in the previous month! Generate 25% GBV of last month’s matched business volume through repurchases in the current month! Meet the Minimum Monthly Purchase Condition by Rank!

Awards & Rewards

Awards and Rewards If a distributor achieves any rank within the specified limit specified by the company, then the company provides awards and rewards to those distributors! And these awards and rewards are given from laptops worth Rs 25000 to villa funds of Rs 75 lakhs

Terms & Conditions

Applicable for Distributors whose DOJ is on or after 13/05/2017 i.e. week 201, it is applicable from the 51st month! Every month a minimum monthly purchase condition must be met to receive the reward!

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